Nkeiru Okoye penned the initial sketches of what would be Voices Shouting Out on New Years Eve, 2001/02. The completed work, an engaging orchestral short, premiered six weeks later with the Virginia Symphony. Voices has continued to captivate audiences in concert halls throughout the US, making it Okoye's most popular piece.

''I sat to write 'Voices" in the wake of September 11th; however in my grieving process, I failed to find music within. It was as thought my muse crumbled with our twin towers. So, though I originally attempted to compose a piece, Voices Crying Out, in response to the destruction, I could not. As this nation recovered, we were united in response: we would resume our lives, using normalcy to defy the terrorism. In the end, rather than crying out my official response was Voices Shouting Out in freedom, as it were, through the music. It was a march to acknowledge those fighting on behalf of our safety, that day and yet a sparkling celebration of life for those of us who continue living.''



Programming Information

Programs well with general audiences as well as with community concerts

Voices Shouting Out

YEAR ©2002


GENRE Orchestral Short


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